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Happy Mayday for Mutts!

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Here at Metro Paws, we love mutts! While mutts used to be a derogatory term used for mixed breeds, often ones found in shelters, the world has come to turn that phrase into something positive. Mutts can easily be the best dogs combining the looks and personalities of multiple breeds into the ultimate super dog! May 6th is known as MayDay for Mutts so we wanted to take a moment to celebrate mutts! This kicks off a month long promotion of adoption of shelter pups while ending the myths of mutts. So why are these guys so awesome? Well...

1. They are unique

Chances are, you are rarely going to find another mixed breed that looks like your own unless it's their sibling. Genetics are simply random when choosing which features of the different breeds will be prominent in the pup ensuring they will have their own unique looks. Unlike purebred dogs who's looks and personality are bred to be almost the exact same in every single dog.

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2. They adapt

Most purebreds are bred to fit into a certain type of environment whether it be a hunting dog, herding dog, lap dog or more. When it comes to mutts, they are more likely to adapt to numerous types of environments due to not being as strongly programmed. While certain characteristics may come to the surface like with a Australian Cattle Dog mix still wanting to herd, it won't be as strong as a purebred.

3. They can be service dogs

Forget the myth that service dogs need to be specially bred and come from a breeder at 8 weeks old. With more people taking chances on mutts, they are showing that these guys can easily be service dogs with the right training, just like with any dog. They are also trained to be therapy dogs which go to places like children hospitals or senior facilities to bring the love.

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4. They have fewer health issues

So this claim isn't exactly proven but many people out there say mixed breeds are less likely to have the health issues that pure breed dogs are known to have. Take a pug for example who has terrible respitoary issues. When you mix a pug with, say a chihuhaha, the pug genes are less prominent as are the health issues.

5. They are cheaper than buying a dog

Shelter fees run between $100-$150 and include spay/neuter, vaccines and microchip. Private rescues can run between $150-$400 depending on the age and breed but these also include the spay/neuter, vaccines and microchip along with some training more often than not because many private rescues live in foster homes and receive basic training and crate training. When it comes from buying from a breeder, you're looking at minimum $500 to upwards of $3,000 which includes nothing except maybe their first round of puppy shots. Add on everything else, and you're looking at thousands just for a puppy.

So there you have it folks, our top reasons why you should opt for a shelter mutt! And we have nothing against purebred dogs because honestly, you can easily find a purebred in the shelters, too! But choose to adopt and not shop!

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