• Cierra Voelkl

Be Kind to Animals Week®

The first full week of May has been celebrated as Be Kind to Animals Week® since 1915 by millions across to he U.S with American Humane. American Humane hoped at by declaring an official week, it would bring people together and show their compassion in efforts to make it a better world for animals. So far, this has been the longest running, most successful human education campaign in American history. This is just one of the many pet related days/weeks in National Pet Month. So how can you be involved?

1. When grocery shopping, keep an eye out for dairy, meat and egg products with the American Humane Certified™ seal to ensure the welfare of 10 billion animals.

2. Opt to adopt from shelters or if you do really want a dog from a breeder, ensure it's from a reputable breeder who at least does health testing and will take the dog back in an instance where you can no longer take care of them.

3. Only support films that have the American Humane “No Animals Were Harmed®" at the end credits ensuring the safety of thousands of animal actors each year.

4. Take the step to learn more about conservation efforts and teaching friends about it and wild animals along with the need to protect them by visiting only Humane Certified™ zoos, aquariums and conservation centers.

5. One of the easiest things you can do is report animal abuse and neglect when you see it! Whether this is a dog being left outside for days in the hot sun with no shelter to a dog or cat being outwardly harmed and abused, take the steps to report it.

Animals rely on us to be their voice because they don't have one. Be their voice. And ALWAYS be kind to animals.

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