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Help Your Pets Beat the Heat

Actualizado: 12 de jun de 2020

As summer quickly approaches, the sun shines bright, the birds are chirping and the asphalt is boiling hot. For dogs, this time of the year can be miserable as they don't regulate body heat the same way we do.

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You know how dogs get thicker coats in the winter? Well in the summer, they shed that away but that still doesn't keep them entirely cool. They can only sweat through their noses and paws so it's very limited compared to how we sweat all over our entire bodies. We put together a list of the best ways you can help keep your canine cool and help them beat the heat!

1. Invest in a cooling mat

Cooling mats are a great way to keep your pooch cool with minimal effort. By placing it either in their usual bed or elsewhere they usually lay, this helps lower their body temperature. These mats or pad are typically filled with gel or water and can often be activated by pressure. They are also easily transported so you can take them without places like the park on outings.

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2. Don't shave double coated dogs

Double coated breeds need their fur to protect their skin and keep their body temperature regulated. You might notice how they get fluffier in the winter and then once the weather warms up, tufts of fur rise to the service for plucking. This is often when pet owners get a blow out of their dog which removes the underlying winter coat. Dogs that fall into this category include Huskies, Australian Shepherds, Chow Chows, and more. Their topcoat protects their skin from the sun and insulates them from the heat. Before grabbing the razor, consult with your groomer and allow them to do what they do best.

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3. Utilize the freezer

First off, a simple solution is adding ice cubes to the water dish. Just like we enjoy some ice-cold water on a hot, summer day. Another alternative is freezing toys or even making pupsicles out of dog-safe ingredients to keep them both cool and busy.

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4. Carry a water dish on walks

As the temperature rises, the length your dog can go for walks decreases. They are just as much at risk of overheating as we are. If you and your pup are going for more than a quick stroll around the block, make sure to carry a collapsable water dish and water bottle. This can be vital in making sure they stay hydrated, especially if walking in the shade is not an option.

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5. Avoid hot asphalt or use booties

We wear shoes to protect our feet from the burning ground so can you imagine what your dog's paws must feel like walking on asphalt on a 90-degree day? If you think it's painful, you'd be correct. A simple test you can do is lay your hand on the ground and if you can't withstand it for 5 seconds, it's too hot for your pooch. The two options are to avoid the hot ground, especially asphalt, or invest in some booties for them so they don't have to stay at home. Their paw pads can become easily burnt and peel just like what happens to our skin when it's burnt.

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Remember, if you're hot, they're hot too. You take simple steps to ensure your canine friend doesn't overheat or burn their paws. As summer approaches, these methods are more important than ever. Have some sure-fire ways you protect your pooch from the heat? Let us know!


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