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8 Crucial Tips for Long Distance Traveling with Your Pets

At some point in your life, you might have to either pack up your life and move cross country or even deiced to take a long road trip just for fun with your pets! Take it from Stone and Mitzvah who had to move from New York to Los Angeles via road trip. We've put together 8 tips to help ensure that everyone is happy and healthy during the venture!

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1. Use a packing list

It's the best way to ensure that you have everything you need and not leave anything behind! We created a packing list just for you. Click the photo below to download the packing list!

2. Practice with shorter trips

If your pet isn't used to trips any longer than to the dog beach or vet, it would be best to work up to a longer trip to help reduce their stress and anxiety. Start with maybe 30 minutes, then an hour and longer.

3. Keep secured with a seatbelt or restraint

For both your safety and theirs, the worst thing is having your pet jump into the front seat and on your lap while you're trying to drive. Plus, they are more likely be safer in case of an accident.

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4. Put up window shades

Nothing is worse than sitting in traffic and having the hot sun beating down on you through the window. Well, your pet is feeling that exact same sun. Consider window shades on the back seat windows to provide extra coverage and keep it cool.

5. Use a barrier

To add another layer of protection to avoid your pup jumping in the front seat, add a simple net barrier between the front seats OR on the backseat if the dogs are chilling in the trunk of the car (SUV only, of course).

6. Keep 'em comfy

Whether your dog is in the boot of the car or the backseat, provide them with a bed or blankets so they can get comfy for the long ride. Use their favorite bed or blankets to help ease any anxiety they might have.

7. Stay connection to first aid

The American Red Cross has an downloadable app for smartphones for Pet First Aid! Don't be left in the middle of no where with no access to a vet and a dog with a laceration. Get it for iOS here and Android here.

8. Update that microchip

Losing your pet in an unknown area would be heart breaking. No matter how careful you are, it can happen. They could easily take off if you're in a car accident. Make sure their microchip is updated and include a note that you are traveling so their ""home location" is not accurate.

So where are YOU traveling with your pet this summer?


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