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Atlana Just Took a HUGE Step Forward

After California made this huge decision in the past year, Atlanta is now following in the footsteps of us and other cities/states in banning the sale of breeder dogs and cats in pet stores. The pet store market is more often than not associated with puppy mill animals due to the high turn over rate. Animals are sold for thousands of dollars with no real knowledge of where they came from, therefore deceiving then new owner into purchasing a dog bred from incest with numerous health issues. As of now, over 250 cities have passed similar ordinances.

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While, according to city council, it's not known that any pet stores actually sell dogs and cats, this is more of a preventative measure so no one can do so. They did this in an effort to deter puppy and kitten mills and not impact small scale, reputable breeders in the area who have a license. The ASPCA responded with the following:

"We are pleased to report that the measure to prohibit the retail sale of dogs and cats in Atlanta’s pet stores was passed by the Atlanta City Council and approved last night by Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms," the organization said in a statement.

The Atlanta Humane Scoety is also in full support as they have been continuing their efforts to get puppy and kitten mills shit down.

Photo Credit: Atlanta Humane Society

There have been mutltiple propents of the oridinaces that ban the retail sale of dogs and cats including Rep. Rick Jasper who quoted: "It’s about the free market and for Georgia’s consumers to have the ability to choose what they buy." An article speaking on a bill that was rejected back in February that could ban puppy and kitten mills spoke more about Jasper's view point:

Jasperse said local governments have no business banning the purchase of otherwise legal retail items, including the purchase of commercially-bred puppies. Berger contends they do. "Why shouldn’t a local community be able to say that they don’t want to bring in large amounts of commercially bred pets when they're already dealing with a huge homeless pet problem?" she asked. "Taking away consumer choice isn’t the appropriate way to do it," Jasperse said. Asked if he was standing up for puppy mills, he responded: "Well, I’m not doing that. I’m standing up for consumer choice." (11alive).

Photo Credit: Pug Rescue New York

But unfortunately, time and time again, consumers have proven that sometimes, they NEED regulations that benefit the welfare of animals. Because if we don't stand up for the animals...who will?

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