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How Do You Make Your Dog Like Nail Trims At Home?

One struggle that many dog owners have when it comes to maintaining their pup' grooming, is keeping those nails trimmed. Many dog owners prefer to trim nails at home instead of traveling all the way to the groomer for a 5 minute clipping. But your dog squirms, growls, cries when you try clipping those gallons at home. How can this be avoided? Is it possible to have your dog even ENJOY a nail trim?

1. Positive reinforcement goes a LONG way when either training or desensitizing your dog to certain environments and situations. If they know that they will be rewarded at the end of a nail trimming session and for sitting still while they're at it, they might just work with you.

2. Try using a nail dremel over standard clippers. Some dogs literally will never get over having their nails clipped with a clipper. In this case, try a dremel! This does take training of its own and you should introduce it slowly. Learn how to use a dremel and train your dog over at Miles and Emma!

Photo Credit: Miles & Emma

3. Distract them! Try using a lick mat while you're trimming their nails. The Dog Edit has some pawesome concoctions of what to put on your lick mat! You can check them out here! Just stick it in front of them and hope that the yummy goodness distracts them from that dreaded nail trim!

Photo Credit: The Dog Edit

4. Know what you're doing! There's nothing worse than hitting the quick of the nail and having blood go every where (if you haven't had it happen, trust me, it goes EVERYWHERE!). Not only does it hurt your dog, it can leave a painful memory for them. Ensuring that each nail trim ends pain-free is an ensured way to help your pup get used to the process and help them learn that it's really not that bad.

Photo Credit: Unknown

For some dogs, it takes longer to get them used to nail trims and comfortable with it. But while it can be a slow process, it will make everyone happier in the end! Do you have some tricks on getting your dog comfortable with nail trims? Let us know!


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