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How To: Heal Burnt Paws

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We can do our best but sometimes, we fail our four legged friends while trying to protect them from the inevitable summer heat. It pains us probably as much as it pains them when it happens: BURNT PAW PADS! Did you know that the temperature on asphalt can reach 125º when it's only 77ºF outside? OUCH! Would you want to walk on 125º asphalt?

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Watch out for signs that your pup's pads are burnt. They would normally show physically discomfort such as a limping or not putting that paw on the ground. A burnt pad can actually be very hard to actually seen and will only be red in severe cases. Also in severe cases, you would see the pad actually peeling away as shown in the photo below.

Photo Credit: Hobart and Channel Highway Animal Hospitals

In the case of a severe burn, your dog should be taken to your veterinarian immediately for emergency care. In less severe cases, still contact your vet and they will advise if you should go in or not but if not, there are a few ways you can take care of it at home:

1. First things first: Clean the wound with antibacterial soap and water to prevent infection

2. Soak the paws in ice cold water for 10 minutes to relieve any immediate pain

3. If they don't like soaked, using a cold compress

4. Use an antiseptic spray or ointment like Neosporin on their paws

5. Wrap the paw in a bandage and cover with a small sock

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Obviously, you should try and avoid this from happening in the first place. If you're out, try walking on grassy areas or stick to shaded areas only if that's not an option. If you live in area where that's not possible, booties on your pup can do wonders and let them venture more on warmer summer days.

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