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Lost Pets: Make Sure They Come Home!

One thing we ALL dread as a pet owner is our dog getting loose. It's agonizing as you search the neighborhood with their favorite treats while yelling out their name. But before you start tearing your hair out, it's best to know how to the best techniques for ensuring your dog or cat makes it home safely.

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Immediately Alert Homes In Your Neighborhood

It helps tremendously to have everyone in your neighborhood keeping an eye out for them, especially those who aren't familiar with your dog or cat. This way, if they happen to see a stray pet walking around, they know who to alert about the situation instead of animal control.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media has allowed the owners of lost pets to alert the masses with the push of a few buttons. For example, many cities have groups on Facebook specifically for lost and found pets.

Apps like Nextdoor also make it easy to alert everyone within your neighborhood about the situation. Some people have even take the step to create a dedicated Facebook page in an effort to keep everyone updated on their lost pet.

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Create and Hang Lost Pet Flyers

This is really something that has been around for ages and is still a method that shows results. It's a great way of alerting those in surrounding neighborhoods and even towns and those who wouldn't necessarily see your social media alerts. A flyer should have the picture of the lost pet, the phrase "LOST DOG" or "LOST CAT" in big letters to catch attention, where it was last seen, date they were lost, any distinguishing information and contact information.

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Inform Pet Businesses and Facilities

Take your lost pet flyer into vet offices in your city and surrounding cities along with shelters and any other pet related businesses. You'd be surprised at how many people might bring a stray dog to a doggy day care or grooming facility. It's best that everyone is alert of a missing pet in case they come into their facility.

Overall, it's best to take preventative measures against lost pets to begin with but sometimes, there are situations that are out of our control, such as a home break in leaving your pets an opportunity to wander out the front door. Be sure to also have updated tags on all pets along with a microchip so if someone does find your pet, they know how to contact you. We never want to lose a pet but by taking the proper steps, you are one step closer to getting them back. Read up on a previous blog post here on taking the steps to overall prevent lost pets.

Thank you for reading and have a pawtastic day!

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