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Meet the Recent Rescues of Metro Paws®!

If you didn't know, Metro Paws moved locations recently. That means an abundance of new animals to be rescued just outside our doors. Since we've moved, we have had 3 precious souls come through our doors allowing them to have a new lease on life!

Meet Harry:

Harry showed up on our very first day in the new space! While running an errand, he was spotted on the street corner by our CEO, Jonathan. As soon as we met Harry, we knew this 5 year old boy was a special one. With a janky tail and dirty fur, we knew that Harry needed our help. It's been 3 weeks already and this little boy is being fostered by Jonathan and our CCO, Megan. He has fit in perfectly with their dogs and was recently neutered. Harry will be available for adoption soon! He is absolutely perfect as he doesn't even bark, seems to love everyone and every dog he's met and really is just a lap dog who wants to snuggle all day. You can email us at woof@metropaws.com for more information.

Meet Mama:

Imagine pulling up to work and seeing a beautiful, striking black dog just hanging out in front of our office, just waiting to be saved. That's how we met Mama. Timid at first and refusing the leash, we were able to lure her into our gated parking lot with yummy treats and love. As soon as food and water was offered, it was inhaled. This beautiful girl was in heat and her skin was in terrible shape. Who knows how long she's been walking? With a tumor on her booty, Mama went to the South LA animal shelter to be spayed, have the tumor removed and see if anyone would claim her. But alas, they did. But want to hear the wonderful news??? She was ADOPTED! The staff member who took Mama in fell in love and decided that if she was unclaimed, Mama would have a new home. Congrats, Mama, on your new life!

Meet Latka:

Prepare to say AWWW like you've never said before. What we thought was a deceased kitten being eaten away by chickens, was really a 6 week old love fighting to survive. The moment we laid eyes on her, we were stricken with love. Latka was left alone, no mother, not siblings, on the streets of South Los Angeles to fend for herself. We aren't exactly prepared to take in kittens like we are with dogs so improvisation was a must. We converted a dog crate into a kitten crate with plenty of bedding and blankets to snuggle with, gave her some water and smushed up dog food so it was soft enough. Poor thing was starving as she inhaled her food and then fell fast asleep. Her small, but loud meows were heart breaking as she didn't know what was going on and who we were. But Latka went to a foster home and will be ready for adoption after she is 8 weeks old!

That's it on this series of the Rescues of Metro Paws but keep an eye out as we are always saving lives! Want to help contribute to saving lives? Purchase anything from our Love & Licks Foundation line of products and proceeds go to saving lives!

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