• Cierra Voelkl

Our Favorite Dogs of the Westminster Dog Show 2019

So we aren't always fans of the concepts of dog shows but the Westminster is like the Olympics of dog shows and always a must watch. This year had some contenders who either made us giggle or fall head over heels.


Breed: Bichon Frise

Why: Winky needs to be our life coach. He has learned not to take life too seriously and just go with the flow. To full understand, you need to watch his video. He came in at 192 seconds in the end and to put it into perspective, the winner came in at 32.05 seconds. Good job, Winky, good job.


Breed: English Bulldog

Why: For real, have you EVER seen a bulldog do agility? There's usually a reason for that. But Rudy here takes on the challenge to beat breed stereotypes and sweeps the floor in an epic run of weaving, climbing and jumping. His time was 46.63 seconds, knocked up to 51.63 for some faults.


Breed: Papilion

Why: There's something about small dogs doing agility that is just hilarious. Watching their little legs go by in a blur makes us believe that anything truly is possible. Gabby also won in the 8" class!


Breed: Basset Hound

Why: JUST LOOK AT THAT FACE! How can you not love him? Louie is an accurate representation of a Monday morning mood with that big yawn. But the other great part? Louie is actually super duper smart and shows that bassets CAN do obedience!

Next up is Crufts (and Scrufts) in the UK! Who will make it on our list then?

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