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Pumpkin (Without the Spice) Is Everything Nice...for Pets!

It's no small secret that pumpkin is generally good for dogs and their stomachs. Most pet owners feel pretty confident about adding it to food due to the health benefits that it provides. But, beware, as not all pumpkin is created equal. For example, maybe don't feed that old, moldy pumpkin that's been sitting on your porch for a week after Halloween but opt for fresh or canned pumpkin. But what exactly does it do?

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1. Ground up seeds in their food adds much-needed protein, fiber, and carbohydrates

2. Pumpkin flesh has a soluble fiber that helps slow digestion which can

manage diarrhea by absorbing water.

3. The fiber also helps with constipation

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4. Vitamin C in the flesh benefits the immune system

5. It can help your dog or cat feel fuller longer due to the extra fiber which aids in weight loss

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6. Hairballs? The fiber in pumpkin can move those nasty little things along your cat's digestive tract instead of letting them hack it up onto the carpet. Try adding a teaspoon to their food a day.

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7. Vitamin A that's provided is beneficial to eye health and can help prevent night blindness and other general eye degenerations.

8. Pumpkin has large amounts of amino acid cucurbitacin which is toxic to multiple different parasites that are common in dogs and help to expel them from the body.

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When it comes to adding pumpkin to their food, plain, canned pumpkin is the best option because the kind that comes "ready" for pie has added spices and fat. In doubt? Consult with your vet to see if this is the right option for you and your babies.

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