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Senior Dogs Rock!

It's inevitable and it's terrible...all dogs grow old. We wish they could live forever and stay their young, energetic selves for years on end. But at one point, they slow down, their hair turns white and walking becomes harder. At thi

s point, it's imperative to care for them in a way to keep them going as long as possible. Being that Stone, the inspiration behind Metro Paws® is already 14 years old, we wanted to give you our insight in helping your senior dogs as much as possible!

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According to AVMA, the following conditions are common in senior dogs

  1. cancer

  2. heart disease

  3. kidney/urinary tract disease

  4. liver disease

  5. diabetes

  6. joint or bone disease

  7. senility

  8. weakness

Have regular vet visits. At an older age, their health can decline fast and we don't always see it. So regular vet visits can keep everyone in the loop.

Brush their teeth. Poor dental health leads to so many other health issues due to bacteria and whatnot. All that's needed is teeth brushing or utilizing dental treats.

Keep up exercise. A fat dog is an unhealthy dog. And an older dog's joints are already compromised so any extra weight would be extremely painful. You might not be able to take long walks any more, but keep those joints moving and the pounds down.

Feed a high quality diet. If you haven't before, consider it when your dog is in their senior stages of life. This can help keep their organs healthy along with keeping up with a healthy weight.

Accommodate for them. Consider putting stairs and ramps leading up to couches and your bed to prevent them from jumping or if they can't jump any more. They might also benefit from being carried down stairs when needed. Wagons for larger dogs are also extremely helpful if they can't walk long distances.

Provide mental stimulation. As pets age, their mind tends to go with it. Giving them interactive toys can help them from becoming senile or developing a mental illnesses that comes with age.

Consider their quality of life. It's something we NEVER want to think about but you need to consider this and think about when it's possibly time to euthanize. Yes, that day is often the worst days of our lives but we also can't let them suffer. The AVMA has a quality of life scale which is shown below.

Do you have a senior dog? Follow these steps above to help insure you're giving them the best possible last years! Consult with your vet on a regular basis but don't fret because SENIOR DOGS ROCK!

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