• Cierra Voelkl

These Dogs (and Pigs) are Ready for Summer!

Actualizado: 18 de jun de 2019

If you haven't seen a dog in a bikini or a pig in a floatie, then let me tell you...you're truly missing out on the beautiful things in life. Lucky for you, we put together a compilation of some dogs (and a pig) that are 110% summer ready!

1. Cherie the surfing French is basically summer ready 365 days of the year

2. Pigs might not be able to fly but they sure can float!

3. These two have summer fashion on point!

4. Ain't life ruff?

5. It's not summer without a luau!

6. Looking swagalicious in those funky shades

7. Dogs in bikinis?! Life can't get any better

8. Looking quite fetching in that unicorn


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