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Why A Puppy ISN'T a Christmas Gift!

Without a doubt, people LOVE to give puppies as Christmas presents. And more often than not, these puppies are bought on a whim without research and given to people that aren't even expecting a puppy. These little guys end up dumped in shelters more often than not after the puppy phase is over.

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1. Puppies grow up. That little 5 pound fluff ball soon turns into a 70 pound untrained fluff ball that you no longer have space for. And eventually the kids aren't interested in a large, drool dog any more.

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2. You eventually go back to work in a few days and can no longer be with a puppy 24/7 to potty train them and give them the required attention that a puppy needs at this crucial time of their life.

3. The puppies that are available for purchase during this time are often BYB puppy mill dogs that are only being bred to make a quick buck. This also means the dogs aren't health tested, inbred and will come with numerous health issues.

4. This little creature is a 15 year commitment on average! Not ready for that commitment? Get a fish.

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5. Not everyone is equipped to take on a new puppy so giving one to your Aunt Shelly or Grandma June may come more as a stress factor than a welcomed surprise.

6. If you're somewhere that it snows, keep that in mind since the pup will need to be taken out multiple times a day. This means more than a month of potty training and doing walks in the snow!

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So what are the other alternatives?

1. If you really want a puppy, think about it some more and then you have every other week of the year to do it.

2. Stuffed dogs make great toys too!

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3. Shelters have discounted or free adoptions during the holidays to make room for those puppies who will be dumped in a few weeks.

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4. This little creature is a 15-year commitmentall soon turns into a 70-pound untrained fluff ball that you no longer have space for. And eventually, the kids aren't interested in a large, drool dog anymore.... puppies instead!


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