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Why Choose a Holistic Approach?

More and more, people are looking to alternatives to western medicine. In our previous blog, we discussed the benefits of using acupuncture on pets to regulate pain and more. Overall, the use of more holistic approaches is quickly gaining momentum due to the concern of the side effects of prescription drugs. Yes, some illnesses need to be treated with an aggressive drug regimen and injuries still need surgery and pain medication. But when it comes to more minor issues, there are more often than not, a holistic option. For example, while your pet might need pain medication after a surgery, acupuncture can help with the pain.

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When switching your dog to a holistic care routine, it takes time if you plan on making it apart of your lifestyle but it’s easily done. First off, be sure to consult with your vet or a holistic based vet to ensure that this is the right option for you and your pup. Also get tips from other experienced holistic dog owners who have been leading this life style for a while and have succeeded at it. Find out what works and what doesn’t. There are also different levels of holistic care, whether it’s minimal vaccinations, raw feeding or alternative therapies. It can be either a section of your life or the whole thing but do what is right for you!

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If choosing this path, don’t just jump in all paws first. Instead, choose one holistic practice to start with to see if it’s right for you and your dog. Especially since there are many different holistic options, you need to see what works. This can be the use of essential oils, acupuncture, homeopathy and more. Holistic care heavily focuses on preventative care and keeping the body healthy to ensure preventing illnesses while helping the body heal itself. Examples of these are hydrotherapy (physical therapy in the water), canine massage, magnetic field therapy and the classic of Chinese Herbal Medicine.

If choosing this lifestyle, it's imperative to not go from one extreme to another and go into it slowly. For example, they might go from annual vet checkups to none at all. Now that is just being neglectful. You can still go to the vet and be holistic but you can't always tell when something is wrong inside your baby. Please still go to the vet if something is wrong!

Think this could work? Consult with your vet to make sure that a holistic lifestyle can benefit your pooch!

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