• Cierra Voelkl

Why Do People Go Crazy for Corgis?

Actualizado: 25 de oct de 2019

It's no secret that Corgi popularity is just growing more and more each day. from Corgi Beach Day (which hosts more than 1,200 corgis at each event), CorgiCon and more, Corgis seem to be taking over. But we aren't mad at all! In fact, it gives us more of an excuse to look at fluffy butts and their itty bitty legs even more. So why exactly do people go crazy for Corgis? Let's take a look....

1. They look ridiculously cute in any costume

2. Their personalities are something else

3. They come in different flavors!

4. Corgi puppies look like legit stuffed animals

5. Their butts are just REALLY FLUFFY...don't you wanna poke the fluff??

6. You easily make friends with other Corgi owners!

7. You can put them to work! (They are herding dogs, after all)

We could go on and on about why Corgis are great but here are our top 7 reasons! Remember, Corgi Beach Day is October 26th at Huntington Dog Beach and is welcome to dogs of all kinds! And be sure to get your paws on our exclusive, limited time Poopy Packs® for Fluffy Butts!


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